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Wave 5 finshed!

June 2, 2011

Wave 5 of review(s)has been finished wave 6 should consist of Deception Point by Dan Brown.


I’M BACK!!!: Wave 4 finished, Wave 5 tommorow

May 31, 2011

After a long hiatus I am back with another update. Wave 4 which was finished long ago with the Angels & Demons film review, will be followed up tomorrow with wave 5 which will cover Michael Crichton‘s 5th book Zero Cool which was written under the pen name John Lange. See you tomorrow.

Wave 3 of reviews finished, Wave 4 on its way

October 27, 2010

With reviews posted for both A Case Of Need and its film adaptation The Carey Treatment wave three of reviews has been finished. Wave four will consist of both book and movie reviews for Angels & Demons.  I also hope to finally get episode 2 of the podcast out, HOPEFULLY before the end of the year.

Wave Two of reviews finshed

August 13, 2010

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown being the sole component of Wave Two of reviews. For Wave 3 expect reviews of Jeffrey Hudson aka Michael Crichton‘s A Case Of Need, and its film adaptation, The Carey Treatment. Hope to be back sooner, rather then later this time.

Wave 1 of reviews finished

October 22, 2009

With the review of Easy Go finished all of wave one of reviews is done moving. But before I start with a new wave of reviews I hope to bring something new here: A PODCAST!!!!!!!!!!! I plan to discuss the three books in wave one 1 at a time in three separate podcasts, each one with the same special guest. Please look forward to it.

Hello world!

October 16, 2009

This will be the new home of  Thoughts On Thrillers. I will also be moving old reviews here. Bit by bit starting with Wave 1  of reviews. The late Michael Crichton‘s first three novels. Odds On, Scratch One, and Easy Go. All three of these were written under the pen name John Lange.