Angels & Demons directed by Ron Howard

The film adaptation of Angels & Demons has both its pros and cons. On the pro side the movie does an excellent job of capturing the urgency of the situation by showing cars racing through the city form one church to another in an effort to find the antimatter before time runs out and it explodes violently. Another pro was that instead of having the location of the antimatter being revealed by what is apparently a divine revelation there is instead a new clue that points them to St. Peter’s Tomb. On the con side however this change and others means the Carmerlengo‘s heel revelation comes completely out of nowhere with no foreshadowing what so ever. Also Cardinal Strauss‘s (Cardinal Moriati in the novel) position against warning people about the threat comes off not just as suspicious but downright reckless and uncaring which is quite a break from character for him in both the book and the later parts of the movie. however one can not help but love all the symbolism at the end of the film, and this is where the film, for all its faults, shines the brightest.

Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars


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