The Carey Treatment directed by Blake Edwards

While the film adaptation of Micheal Crichton‘s A Case Of Need, directed by Blake Edwards is for the most part a faithful adaptation of the book, there are a few jarring changes. First off, the names of almost all of the characters whose surname isn’t Randall have had their names partly or completely changed from what their names are in the book. While this is a relatively minor detail, it can be jarring to those who first learned the story through the novel. Secondly and more importantly are the additions of a romance subplot and several action scenes. There was no romance in the book because the main character, John Barry, Peter Carey in the film, is married whereas in the film he is single.  The romance and action scenes add nothing to the film and in fact even detract from it, and leave one with the felling that the producers insisted, in a case of executive meddling gone wrong, that the scenes be added to in a n attempt to attract extra audience members. However the worst case of this is the last added action scene which changes the final plot point of the book, in a failed attempt to add more drama. While the story as a whole was solid these changes are striking enough to detract a great deal from the film.

Overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars


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