Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

The 2nd member of the previously mentioned Big Four of thrillers is Dan Brown. While he is best known for his Robert Langdon series, Digital Fortress is Dan Brown‘s first published novel. Digital Fortress features Susan Fletcher, head cryptographer for the NSA. She is called into work on the weekend unexpectedly due to an emergency. That emergency is the existence of a code called “Digital Fortress” that even the NSA’s code-breaking super computer cannot break. This code, created by the now late Ensei Tankado would, if released, cripple US Intelligence. As Susan struggles to unravel the mystery, she will come to doubt almost everything and everyone she has ever believed in. What makes Digital Fortress (the book) so great is that it shows the need to balance two very important needs. The need of the government to gather intelligence, and the need for individuals to keep secrets from said government. The hair-raising pace of the climax, and the deep ethical issues raised by the book makes it one of Dan Brown‘s finest masterpieces.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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