Easy Go by John Lange

Easy Go by John LangePublished in 1968, this is Michael Crichton’s 3rd novel, Easy Go. First off, don’t let the cover mislead you there is NO sex in this book. Now about thee book itself. In this story Egyptologist Harold Barnaby while doing a routine re-translation of some hieroglyphics discovers something amazing, a key to locating an undiscovered tomb. While he would like to rob it for himself at this point he lacks both the knowledge and connections to pull it off. A chance encounter with Robert Pierce, the true main character, gives him what they both need to pull it off. What is truly great about this novel, even more so then the twists in the plot, is the way these characters draw you in. While on one hand you do not want them to successfully loot the tomb, you still cannot help but hope that the cast will get off without being arrested, because you cannot want any harm to come to them. This is how engaging and human these characters are, that despite what they try to do you cannot help loving them, and wishing them the best.

Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars


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